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25mtr x 75mm Argweld Backing Tape - 80a


Light Duty: 80a Max

The Argweld® Weld Backing Tape can be used for welding sheet, plate, pipes, vessels, tanks, silos, heat exchangers, cryogenic, pressure and vacuum vessels and hundreds of other applications made from metals such as:

- Carbon steels
- Stainless steels
- Duplex steels
- Chrome steels
- Copper nickel
- Cast iron
- Nickel and cobalt alloys

Industries using Argweld Weld Backing Tape include large pipework, sheet and plate fabricators as well as shipbuilding, ship repair, heating, cooling, HVAC, agricultural machinery, food, dairy, breweries pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and many others.

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  • Amps : 80a Max