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Thermacut Ex-Trafire 65 Plasma Cutter - HIRE

Ex-Trafire 65 Plasma Cutter - HIRE


- Simple manual setup focused on reliability.
- First generation of Plasma cutting systems with an innovative Synergic Function.
- Easy setup of cutting parameters.
- Ergonomic hand plasma cutting torch with revolutionary lightweight highly flexible coaxial cable.
- The FHT-EX® torch and cable reduces fatigue and minimises stress on the wrist joint especially for
plasma hand cutting under difficult conditions.


- Coordinated design of power source and torch ensures optimum cutting results in relationship to speed and quality.
- Support of optimal power for all cutting tasks.
- Optimized for industrial plasma cutting and applications.


- Low cutting costs.
- Excellent cut quality.
- High efficiency metal cutting.
- Extended consumable life.
- Easy handling torches with extreme flexible cable leads.
- Reduced fatigue at hand plasma cutting.